Discover My world, and let us fly away, on "airline passionate", destination BDSM.

Together we will leaf through a golden book discovering extraordinary sensations, unknown feelings, unending passion, moments of desire, fantasies...

Diane Divine Dominatrix of the Hunt.

Exotism is common place, a day without Domination is a day lost.

My love of SM was kindled in reform school where flagellation was frequent.

Dominatrix body and soul, My vocation is the exploration of this unending fantasy.

Dominatrix Divine, I am to be honoured and obeyed, so as to bring you, My slave, to the summit of your desires.

Your absolute surrender and devotion is My greatest pleasure.

How to come near to me

Male or female, be My slave, be my submissive.

In My world, if I consider you to be able, you will be submissive first ...

Those who have proved their devotion to my person and suit me, may count themselves as my favoured slaves, always ready to satisfy my every whim.

I demand and adore that you throw yourself at my feet and salute me as MISTRESS. A name that is music to my ears.

I am a born Mistress and passionate by exotisism and lechery.

As a Domina, I listen to my desires and and look to you my submissive to give me your all.

One moment I may crush you, give you a moment of respite or even reward you, if your devotion and your efforts to serve me meet with my satisfaction.

All this to help you on your way to an exemplary devotion to My person and the utter satisfaction of My desires.

My Look

Amazone, in looks, booted and spurred, loving the crop , the feel of leather and beautiful mounts.

As a horsewoman I ride every day, adoring but dominating my horse, with gentle tenderness, makes Me the more severe with My submissives, thus maintaining the balance.

Following My moods and fancy, one moment I will dominate with harsh and strident words like a whiplash, or I may insult and humiliate with honeyed tones whispered in your ear.